Danny Hodgson's parents release video update of footballer's progress following Australia attack

Danny was attacked last September

The parents of Danny Hodgson have called on the man responsible for leaving their son in a coma last year to "face the most serious consequences for the pain and suffering he has inflicted on an innocent young man".

Peter and Nicola Hodgson said the last six months have been unbearable as their son remains in hospital in Perth, Australia.

Speaking ahead of a court date where the man responsible for the unprovoked attack will be sentenced, they called for the strongest possible punishment.

They have released a video along with a statement detailing their son's progress since he was attacked in Australia last year.

He was involved in an unprovoked attack last September at Perth train station and has since been in hospital and rehab facilities.

The Cumbrian footballer was living in Australia at the time where he was playing the sport for Edith Cowan University.

The new video shows Danny learning to walk again with the aid of rehabilitation staff.

His parents, Peter and Nicola Hodgson have released a statement where they have said the person responsible for the attack is due to be sentenced this week.

They said: "This Friday (18 March 2022) the person who irrevocably changed Danny’s future through an unimaginable act of violence will be sentenced.

"We understand the Judge in this case has the power to issue a maximum sentence of ten years imprisonment for the horrendous crime against Danny.

"While ten years won’t come anywhere near the life sentence imposed on Danny, we believe his perpetrator must face the most serious consequences for the pain and suffering he has inflicted on an innocent young man.

"Tomorrow’s sentencing is an opportunity for WA’s judicial system to say enough is enough.It must loudly and clearly declare that coward punches must stop and demonstrate that the penalty for those who recklessly attack innocent people acknowledges the terrible, far-reaching impact these acts have on victims and their families."

Despite learning to walk again, Danny's parents have said his progress is slow.

They added: "Danny continues to amaze us every day and we are in awe of his courage and determination. But make no mistake, his recovery is slow, painful and emotionally and physically exhausting.

"For every tiny bit of progress that bring us all tears of joy, there are struggles and setbacks that bring tears of sorrow.

"This once superbly fit and strong semi-professional footballer is now observing life from a hospital ward and willing himself to just put one foot in front of the other with the aid of nurses and physios.

"It is heartbreaking to contemplate all Danny has lost, and we have no way of knowing if he will ever walk again, let alone run out onto a football pitch and score a goal or even hold down a job."

They went on to thanks all of those who have supported them since Danny's attack, describing it as a "nightmare journey".

They finished the statement with: "But the nightmare journey we have been living isn’t over yet and we have one more thing to ask of you all.

"Please urge the judicial system to give Danny Hodgson the justice he deserves tomorrow.An appropriate sentence isn’t just about acknowledging our family’s suffering.

"It’s about drawing a line in the sand for cowardly acts of violence and demanding a safer Perth city where every life is respected and valued.

"We have lost so much to one violent individual, but there is one thing he can’t take from us – our unwavering belief in our brave, strong and resilient son, Danny Hodgson."