Men who took a van full of donations to Ukraine return to the Borders

Leaving their homes in Kelso and Eyemouth, Robert Dluzak and Piotr Dziedzic, both born in Poland, drove 1,500 miles to the Ukraine border to take donations.

They drove there with a van full of donations given to them by the local community.

During their two weeks stay, helping out at the sports hall turned sanctuary, they encountered things they never expected.

Robert said: "On our way back to Poland when we hit the border control on the Ukrainian side when I stopped my van someone came and knocked on my window and a man was asking to take his family over the border.

"So it was his wife and two children. Boy around 10 maybe and a little baby, probably girl. This was a really heartbreaking moment, seeing them just saying goodbye. Yeah it was, you know, an experience I've never had before in my life and I can see them still."

If you want to help those in Ukraine and Poland, Piotr asks that people send money or child car seats instead of clothes, so that locals can buy medicine, gauze, fuel and food.