'My mum was my best friend': Dumfries woman reflects on two years of Covid

It has been two years since we went into its first lockdown due to coronavirus, which was initially supposed to last three weeks.

Those across the Border region have been reflecting on what the last two years has meant to them and how it has had an impact on their lives.

Thousands of people have died across the country due to the illness, including Lisa's mother.

She died in Dumfries and Galloway Royal Infirmary.

Lisa said: "You know my mum was my best friend, she wasn't just my mum you know she was everything to me and it's been hard, it's been really tough."

She went on to describe that when her mum died, a part of her went as well.

Others in the region described the lockdown as having an impact on them due to homeschooling and family members having to isolate.

However, England no longer has any Covid restrictions and Scotland has got rid of the majority of theirs.

Those in Scotland are still required to wear face coverings but businesses no longer have to ask customers for contact details.