Outrage after graffiti found on Striding Edge, Helvellyn

Two photos were posted showing the graffiti Credit: Jon Bennett

There has been outrage following graffiti being found on some rocks on Striding Edge on Helvellyn.

The Lake District National Park Authority have condemned the act as one of their felltop assessors found it.

The assessors go out each day during the colder months to find out what the weather conditions are and if it's suitable for walkers.

They hope it is an isolated incident Credit: Jon Bennett

Jon Bennett, who found the graffiti took to social media to express how upsetting it was to see.

Alongside the photos he said: "Words fail me! Spray painted graffiti on the, to many of us, iconic rocks along Striding Edge. This is close to the Chimney or Bad Step. I think that our followers will share my outrage - but can anyone explain how this is remotely socially or environmentally acceptable?"

Saying it ruined the nice weather, Jon added: "Presumably the same person or group. This is desecrating the rocks of High Spying How at the start (or end) of Striding Edge. It certainly ruined an otherwise lovely day out on the fells."