Number of people in hospital with Covid in Scotland reaches record high

The number of patients requiring intensive care seems to have fallen

The number of people in hospital with coronavirus in Scotland has reached a record high.

Latest figures show 2,360 people currently have the virus and are requiring hospital care.

The latest peak in hospital numbers comes after a slight fall in the total.

The number of hospital patients increased to stand at 2,326 on Thursday, before dropping to 2,309 on Friday. There was then a slight increase on Saturday, to 2,316, before the total rose again by 44.

However this compares to the height of the pandemic in January 2021 when 241 people were admitted to Scottish hospitals per day.

The number of Covid patients requiring intensive care has fallen since Thursday, going from 28 to 21 on Sunday.

Some patients who have tested positive for the illness may have been admitted to hospital for a different reason.

This comes as the Scottish Government reported a further 7,479 new cases of coronavirus were reported in the past 24 hours.

No more deaths were reported but this could be due to register offices being closed over the weekend.