Suffragette and medical pioneer Dr Flora Murray to appear on Scotland's new £100 note

Flora Murray became a doctor in 1905 Credit: Bank of Scotland

Suffragette and medical pioneer Dr Flora Murray will appear on the Bank of Scotland's new polymer £100 note.

The note will replace the cotton version and will have updated security features such as a see-through window and a holographic foil strip which displays Dr Murray's image.

There will also be an image of Sir Walter Scott and The Mound in Edinburgh on the front of the note, which is set to be released next month.

On the other side there is a portrait of Dr Murray, painted by Francis Dodd in 1921, as well as an image of female stretcher-bearers outside the Endell Street Hospital.

Dr Murray was awarded a CBE Credit: Bank of Scotand

Dr Murray was born in Dumfries in 1869 before qualifying as a doctor in 1905.

She was then awarded a CBE for her work and medical efforts during World War One.

She founded the Women's Hospital for Children in London with her partner Louisa Garrett-Anderson.

Women were restricted to treating women and children so the hospital provided care for children of factory and shop workers in the local area.

When World War One began in 1914, the women founded the Women's Hospital Corps -which was a feminist organisation - and opened two military hospitals in France which were staffed entirely by female suffragettes.

In 1915, the British War Office provided them with a premises in London which they then transformed into the Endell Street Military Hospital which was the first hospital in the UK for men with female medical professionals.