Keswick's Max the Miracle Dog's owner speaks out about final days together

Max the Miracle Dog checks out his statue
Max got to visit all of his famous places before he died Credit: ITV

Cumbria's miracle dog Max's owner has spoken out about his final days before passing away on Wednesday 6 April.

Max who became an online star due to his work during the pandemic died after being diagnosed with a brain tumour.

His owner Kerry Irving announced the news on social media and has since discussed what they did on Max's final day.

He described it as "a perfect day for the most perfect companion".

Kerry started by thanking those who have sent kind messages amidst the news.

Max helped others through the pandemic Credit: PA

Kerry wrote: "Yesterday after the live feed we sat on our church bench and I just talked to him. It was just the right thing to do and it gave us all such inner strength to get through his last day with us.

"We then continued with his tour of his favourite places. Breakfast of sausages, bacon and black pudding in Grasmere where he sat and watched robins feeding outside.

"Later, Max walked into Manesty Woods, I sat under the old oak trees, Max lay across my knees, stick in his mouth, he looked at me and his eyes spoke that it was time. We sat in silence for some, Paddy Harry by his side. We watched and listened to the sounds of the woods."

Kerry then said that he knew it was "time" for Max, describing it as "beautiful".

He added: "Our words were spoken, Harry licked his face, and Paddy stood by my side watching.

"I felt such an inner strength it was the most beautiful special time. Max went to sleep, it was so calming, he was at peace and so are we. It was the send off he so rightly deserved."

During his fame Max was awarded the animal equivalent of an OBE, after providing virtual therapy to people across the world during the pandemic, as well as having a statue of himself in Keswick.