Man and his dog walk 3000 miles to Innerleithen to raise awareness of mental health

The pair have walked from Germany Credit: ITV

Karsten Rinck has ended up in Innerleithen after walking nearly walked 3000 miles since May after starting to experience mental health issues, taking his dog Lotte along for the adventure.

Karsten wanted to find a "way out" and found that walking provided just that.

He had tried cycling and other pathways, but once he started walking he didn't stop.

The duo left Hamburg, Germany a year ago, averaging 15 miles a day, and have made their way to Innerleithen since.

They haven't had much help along the way and have even completed it all on foot.

They have been walking together since May Credit: ITV

The pair usually end up sleeping in a tent or in a shed or out house, but when they came to town they were put up in the local fire station.

Some of the crew helped get Karsten comfortable and even offered breakfast, as a former firefighter himself he was grateful to them all.

He said: "it's amazing, it's absolutely amazing, you get up you don't know where you'll end up or where you'll sleep."

This won't be the end of the walking as he plans to keep on the road for the next few years, at least.

Karsten wants to encourage others to take up walking as a way to help their mental health.