Restored Whitehaven lighthouse vandalised hours after unveiling

The lighthouse restoration was unveiled on Monday Credit: ITV

The restored Whitehaven lighthouse has been vandalised just hours after it was unveiled.

Just a day after the £144,000 worth of work was revealed on Monday 11 April, vandals damaged it by "launching large metal objects" at it which smashed six of the windows.

The Whitehaven Lighthouse Commissioners have said in a statement that they are "shattered and dismayed" at the act.

In a statement they said: "After the fabulous unveiling of the West Pier Lighthouse yesterday and the great coverage and feedback, we are all shattered and dismayed to report that overnight someone, or some people, have vandalised six of the new windows by launching large metal objects at them, completely breaking one window and damaging the frame of another.

"The other four that were attacked have all been cracked or shattered."

The North Pier lighthouse will be unveiled next month Credit: ITV

However, the Commissioners are not stopping their work on the North Pier lighthouse.

They added: "We expect rough seas and challenges from the elements but not from vandalism.

"We took on this project with the community in mind for its pride, health and wellbeing. We are unable to comprehend why this would be done.

"We will not let this deter us and we will replace the windows and continue apace with the work on the North Pier Lighthouse.

"We will be implementing a number of new, permanent and temporary security measures and we are liaising with our local police team on this matter.

"We would also ask that you, our community, help us however you feel you may be able.

"We are proud of the work that has been done and our thanks again to all those who have been part of the project and those that have supported it."

The restorations cost £144,000 Credit: ITV

The North Pier lighthouse will be unveiled next month.

The project has been mostly funded by Sellafield Ltd's SiX programme as well as other donations by companies and individuals.