Scotland's face covering laws to be lifted, it has been confirmed

Nicola Sturgeon wearing a mask - PA
The lifting of the requirement of face coverings has been delayed twice due to Covid infection rates Credit: PA

The legal requirement to wear a face covering in Scotland is to be lifted on Monday 18 April, it has been confirmed.

Due to Covid infection rates falling across the country, the requirement will now be lifted despite being pushed back twice.

However, it will still be recommended to wear masks in busy places and on public transport.

This is the last of Scotland's restrictions to be lifted.

In March cases in Scotland got up to about 12,000 but this has now dropped to around 5,000.

Despite cases falling, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has said that the NHS is still under stress.

Originally, facemask laws were supposed to be dropped on 21 March but this got pushed back to 4 April, and then delayed for another two weeks.

But the requirement to wear them at weddings and funerals was dropped on 4 April.