The 25-year-old Cumbrian filmmaker who has won awards around the world

This is Thomas Gardner's first film Credit: ITV News

A Cumbrian man is on his way to stardom after winning a total of 15 international awards for his film.

Thomas Gardner, 25, created Front of War - which has gone on to be recognised in India, the US, Italy, Portugal and London, as well as winning best director in Hungary and the Netherlands.

The film is about two friends who are taking cover in a trench when they both receive a letter from the same woman, and the tension builds from there.

It was filmed in a trench in the middle of a wooded area, which Thomas said he chose to add to the already eery nature of the story.

The film has scooped 15 awards Credit: ITV News

He said: "I saw an article about a man called Andy Robertshaw, he dug a trench in his back garden, he dug it completely, he made it all realistic.

"When we got down there it was in the middle of like a showground and there was currently a circus that was packing things away and we thought 'Is this really where the trench is?' and he said 'It's in the woods'.

"It's just so eery and really quiet."

Thomas first discovered his talent when he was studying theatre at Lancaster University but decided he preferred being behind the camera.

Front of War cost him £700 to create and he has made just £98 from it since.