Two Ukrainian women arrive in Dumfries and Galloway after leaving their home country

Bohdana left with some other family members Credit: Bohdana Kombachenko

Anna Pushkarowa and Bohdana Kombachenko were living in the Kyiv area with their families when Russia invaded.

Anna, 21 left the Ukrainian capital with her mother and father but discovered that the place they arrived at wasn't safe and had to move again.

She described what it was like: "We tried to sleep at night because we were super tired but we couldn't because you always think that when you go to sleep you won't wake up because explosions planes, stuff like that. And you are just like we are going to die. so we didn't die actually but you were still thinking that you were going to die."

Anna left the Ukrainian capital with her mother and father Credit: Anna Pushkarowa

She lived in a basement for over a month - with others and found it traumatic.Anna added: "You stay in a basement and kids must sit as well in the basement. They don't have their normal childhood like I did so it was very difficult for me to see this and to experience this. It's very difficult."

Bohdana, 26 also fled from Kyiv with her family and spent weeks living in basements.

She described seeing the horrendous sight of a man being injured by falling shrapnel right in front of her.She said: "So there was left overs from the plane exploding falling from the sky and a simple citizen from my village, his leg was ripped from his body.

"It was terrible. Terrifying."

Bohdana and Anna were childhood friends and left Ukraine together. After a difficult journey through Germany, Belgium and France arrived in Scotland eight days ago.

They hope to get jobs here and support their families left behind in Ukraine. but they suffer nightmares and worry about their family left behind.

Bohdana's father is a musician but now fights for the Ukrainian army.

Bohdana father is a musician Credit: Bohdana Kombachenko

Anna is also worried for her country.

She said: "It's terrifying to see what's happening to your country and I had this thought today that UK was the country of my dreams now it's Ukraine the country of my dreams so I want to go back to home."

They are two of more than 300 people who have been given visas to come to the Border region, under the UK government's 'Homes for Ukraine' scheme. 

The United Nations estimates that more than 11 million people have fled their homes in Ukraine since the start of the conflict.5.2 million have left for neighbouring countries, while another 6.5 million people are believed to be displaced inside the war-torn country itself.