Cumbria man draws his way through the pandemic

A Cumbrian man used his drawing skills to keep him entertained throughout the pandemic by producing a new cartoon each day.

Charlie Dunn from Penton, near Carlisle kept himself busy by creating humorous sketches which he's still producing now.

The 79-year-old uses a tablet to draw electronically and has been sending them to his contacts.

He said: "The first one started in lockdown and somebody said 'what are you going to do in lockdown?'

"I suffer from not brilliant health and I sit in a chair all day reading or doing things and drawing, and I decided to do a giggle and see if I could send it to my address book on my iPad."

Charlie has drawn almost 800 cartoons. Credit: Charlie Dunn

Charlie's drawings range from light-hearted every day things to political scenes, which he can spent hours perfecting.

He added: "I do all of it myself, there are different pens, nibs if you want to call them, on the iPencil.

"It is great fun, that's the wonderful thing."

Charlie has managed to draw almost 800 of his cartoons and has no plans of stopping.