Scottish disability darts team encourages new members after World Cup win

The Scottish Disability Darts team - which includes two players from the Borders - are encouraging new members to join after bringing home the World Cup in its first ever international tournament.

With another competition, the European cup, just around the corner, they want more people from the south of Scotland - whether they have a disability or not - to get involved.

Kyle Clark, who is the captain of the team, first found out about disability darts when he was at the Scottish Open and a stall was there representing the sport.

He said: "I'd just recently been diagnosed with having complex post traumatic stress disorder and I wasn't sure if I'd be able to join up.

"I asked if I'd be eligible to play and they said 'yeah we'll get you signed up', and I've been doing it ever since.

"Since coming to disability darts no one has questioned me, we don't question what is your disability or anything."

He added that the best part is the diversity of the different disabilities people have who have joined, describing it as "one big happy family".