Dumfries breast cancer survivor takes on 26 mile 'moonwalk' across London

  • Report by Matthew Taylor

A 44-year-old teacher from Dumfries who has been diagnosed with breast cancer twice is preparing to raise money through a 'moonwalk' across London to support the charity that helped her during her battle against the disease.

Fiona Collins was first diagnosed with breast cancer 10 years ago. To mark the anniversary, she's hoping to give back to the charity Walk the Walk by participating in her second 'moonwalk', which involves walking a long distance through the night.

Fiona first noticed a lump on her breast, which she thought was a result of breastfeeding her son at the time.

She said: "The whole process is an out of body experience. it's really quite surreal and I think there is an element of autopilot and you kind of have to go through the motions."

Despite having a mastectomy, her cancer returned five years later.

Sally Kum is an Associate Director of Nursing And Health Information at Breast Cancer Now. She has worked in breast cancer for 18 years. She says regular checks for women and men are crucial.