'There was fear': Dumfries man returns from delivering aid in Ukraine

A man from Dumfries has recently returned from Ukraine after delivering aid for two weeks.

Phil McGroggan drove a truck around the country after being asked by a friend at his church to deliver supplies to those in need.

He wanted to offer more than just money and instead wanted to use his time.

Never having driven a truck before, Phil made the 1500 mile journey to Hungary on the Ukrainian border where he picked up supplies to take into Ukraine

He said: "The big impression I got was when we were driving through the Ukraine, it's a four and a half hour trip from the border when we go into Ukraine to the destination where we leave the provisions and all along that journey, every little village that we drove through, which was so beautiful and so scenic, we just seen people going about and trying to have a normal life.

"And we just kept thinking 'what's going on in their minds?', you know under the weight of oppression that they're coming under. You know, will they be the next village gets targeted?"

Phil said his faith helped him with the fear of going over to Ukraine.

He added: "I didn't sense a war zone and I think that was purely down to my own personal feelings, I think for everybody else who was there, there was fear, there was oppression."

Phil is now urging others to make the same journey he did and to help those in Ukraine.