Labour leader appointed for Cumberland Council shadow authority

Mark Fryer will take on the role. Credit: ITV News

A new Labour leader has been appointed for Cumberland Council shadow authority.

Mark Fryer, councillor for St John's, Stainburn and Great Clifton ward is due to take on the role.

After they took a Labour majority in the local elections, Mr Fryer is in line to become the new leader of the council, with a formal ballot taking place next week.

Speaking about why he thinks Labour did so well in the local elections, Mr Fryer said: "Well I think when we were knocking on the doors, I mean people were reaching out to us.

"Some real issues out there, around healthcare certainly some about education, children services, real big, bit issues and I think they reached out, they absolutely reached out to us.

"They wanted something different and I think that's why they went out and voted Labour."

Cumberland Council, along with Westmorland and Furness Council, will take over responsibility for all services in April 2023, when the existing county and district councils will be abolished.

Cumberland contains the districts of Carlisle, Allerdale and Copeland.