Thousands attend event to learn about latest farming technology

  • Video report by James Mahon

Farmers from across the UK have gathered in Dumfries to learn about the latest technology which could help cut costs.

Organised by the Agricultural Engineers Association on behalf of their members, the SpotGrass event - held at Crichton Royal Farm - showcased the most up-to-date Grass Harvesting Machinery currently on the market.

It comes as farmers continue to face price hikes for things like fuel and fertiliser - with some costs trebling in the last year.

ScotGrass showcases the latest technology in grass making Credit: ScotGrass

Tractors powered by methane were put on show - something that could change the future of the industry in terms of becoming more sustainable.

Organiser and host, Hugh McClymonth, said: "Most important, I think, is the social aspect for everyone to get out and meet like minded people.

"We have had two years of lockdown and we have also had Brexit, so to come here and learn about the new technology with grass harvesting and grass crop."

Around 5,000 farmers from across the UK travelled to the Crichton Royal Farm to learn about the latest technologies Credit: ScotGrass

Farming now contributes more than £120 billion each year to the UK economy.