Rangers fan from Southern Scotland saves life of Dutch tourist while at Europa League final in Spain

Credit: Ian Johnson (right) and Craig Moore
Ian Johnson (right) and Craig Moore Credit: Ian Johnson

A retired firefighter from Southern Scotland has helped to save the life of a Dutch tourist.

Ian Johnson, from Sanquhar, was in the Spanish city of Seville to watch Glasgow Rangers in the Europa League final.

During an open-top bus ride with his friend Craig Moore the day after the match, he saw an elderly passenger collapse.

Ian used his fire service training to carry out CPR, re-starting the man's breathing before an ambulance arrived.

He said: "He was fitting and unresponsive. He was foaming at the mouth a little bit and he just went totally unresponsive.

"My first reaction was just to get to work on him straight away. He had a camera on him so I got that removed and I cleared a passageway to start CPR on him."

In the meantime, Mr Moore had managed to get the bus stopped and they were eventually able to help the Dutch tourist off the bus to an ambulance which took him to hospital.

Ian added: "The guy's wife had to give me a peck on the cheek and shook my hand, she was really grateful for not just myself but what Craig Moore did as well.

"It was just something you would have done. I trained with the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, it's not what anyone else trained would not have done.

"If you can help somebody, being kind is a huge important thing in this world especially what we've been through with the pandemic. It's good to help somebody."

He only retired from his position as Watch Commander at Sanquhar fire station with Scottish Fire and Rescue Service at the end of March.

Ian hopes his story will inspire others to learn how to do CPR.

He said: "It's just a case of recognising the signs, I think that's the biggest thing and early intervention, making sure you can get them into a position to work with them as well."

"My biggest message to everybody is, if you can, learn CPR and help save a life."