School kids in Wigton re-enact the Queen's Coronation for Platinum Jubilee celebrations

School children from Wigton in Carlisle have been recreating the Queen's Coronation to mark the Platinum Jubilee.

The ceremony saw the students from Thomlinson Junior School playing key parts, dressed in 1950s fashion.

Everyone involved in the 1953 ceremony, from the Queen to the Archbishop of Canterbury, was acted out by the pupils.

"We just wanted the children to be involved as much as they could," said teacher Julie Wilson.

"We wanted them to experience it, to live the moment. That's the best way for children to learn obviously, make a memory for them, something they'll remember in the future."

Charlie Holloway a pupil in Year Three said, "It's a big thing, she's had 70 years on the throne."

It is just one of many events they have planned to celebrate the historic milestone.

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