Plans for changes at flood defences in Egremont to protect the town in extreme weather

It is hoped changes to the flood defence in Egremont will help the Environment Agency maintain the flood storage area at Upper and Lower Whangs Beck. Credit: ITV News Border

Changes could be made to flood defences in Egremont to protect the town against extreme rainfall in the future.

Planning permission has been submitted to Copeland Borough Council to create two vehicle access points in the 'flood storage area' at Upper and Lower Whangs Beck.

The changes would mean the Environment Agency could maintain the flood defence through clearing debris and checking measurement equipment.

A flood storage area works like a balancing reservoir to prevent damage to nearby properties during heavy rainfall.

The application to the council stated: "The new accesses would also allow for quick mobilisation should this be needed during a flood event.

"It is estimated that the accesses will be used two or three times per normal year."

The reservoir is one of four proposed as part of the Egremont Flood Risk Management Scheme.

There is also storage areas at Skirting Beck, How Bank, West Lakes Academy and the Falcon Club.

If needed during flood events, each area will be capable of holding the same amount of water as 21-and-a-half Olympic swimming pools.

The Flood Risk Management Scheme is on track to be completed by the autumn.

As part of the planning permission the agent said: "Skirting Beck and Whangs Beck are two small watercourses that flow through the town of Egremont, and the area has a long history of flooding.

"With no formal defences in place, there was an urgent need to create new flood defence infrastructure and improve existing assets to reduce flood risk."

It continued: "The applicant does not expect the development to have an ecological impact.

"The site is not covered by any international or national ecological designations, nor is the land part of a nationally protected landscape."

The plans for the changes to the flood defences can be viewed on the Copeland Borough Council website.

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