New powers brought in for police at Cumbria's Appleby Horse Fair

Police are using extra powers. Credit: PA Images

Cumbria Police has implemented enhanced stop and search powers in Appleby.

The move comes after officers became aware of a number of individuals heading into the town intent on causing disorder.

The road at Battlebarrow was sealed off to prevent potential troublemakers accessing the Sands and town centre.

Police say that the potential incident was resolved without inflaming the situation and they are now working to identify those involved.

Superintendent Matt Kennerley of Cumbria Police said: “Our officers acted swiftly to respond to the potential for disruption and prevent any escalation. We are working to identify those involved so action can be taken.

“The Section 60 and 60AA powers will help our officers to keep people safe. However, I also urge anyone with information about potential disorder or any other type of criminality to contact the police.

“Policing resources will be increased in key areas and at key times. In addition, people may see armed police in the Appleby area to allow such officers to respond swiftly and effectively to any potential situation that arises.

“Anyone who is seeking to come to the Fair to cause trouble or to be violent is not welcome. Such people should stay away so those who wish to enjoy an enjoyable and safe Fair are free to do so.”

The Section 60 allows officers to search people without needing to suspect that they may be carrying weapons.

It also authorises the power to require removal of disguises, which allows police to require individuals to remove face coverings and hoods.

The order began at 2.26pm today (11 June) and will run for 24 hours.