Money to be given to groups to clean up Windermere in Lake District after pollution concerns

Windermere. Credit: ITV News

Community groups in the Lake District are being given a share of £73,000 from the Environment Agency to go towards projects to clean up Windermere.

It's after continued calls to clean up the popular Lake District area, with concerns over water quality in the Lake.

Worries over the health of the lake are in part, down to algal bloom and bacterial pollutants which can potentially harm wildlife and animals.

The money has been awarded to The Lake District Foundation who will give it out to groups.

Isobel Stoddart is one of the volunteers hoping to change that, raising £8,000 to test the waters.

She said: "There are certain sections of the river that have got relatively low levels of fecal bacteria, which, that's human sewage basically, enterococcus and E.coli, which are... yeah. And they're not good. If they go into the river in any sort of quantities they're not good for humans obviously you know you don't want to be swimming in an area but they're pretty bad for wildlife as well."

Now there's £73,000 available to groups.

And now, a multi-million pound project is on the way to clean up Windermere and its catchment.

Sarah Swindley is the CEO of the Lake District Foundation.

She said: "We know that extreme weather events, which is why climate change is so significant, do mean that storm overflows will push pollution into the lake at certain points in the year; phosphorus levels are rising as well, which can cause more blue-green algae blooms."

She continued: "We are delighted to receive this funding to help secure the future of Windermere.

"In partnership, we can build on the great work already started and ensure we have a long-term and sustainable approach to care for this beautiful and special place in our most-loved National Park."