Celebrating the summer solstice in the Border region

Morning sunrise captured in Beckfoot Credit: John Molyneux

The 'longest day' is officially here and our region will enjoy over 17 hours of daylight.

Temperatures will differ between Cumbria and southern Scotland, with cloudier weather in the north and sunshine in the south, temperatures will reach a maximum of 23 °C.

Stunning scenery in Beckfoot, taken by a viewer Credit: John Molyneux

What is the summer solstice?

Also known as estival solstice or midsummer, the event occurs when one of Earth's poles has its maximum tilt toward the Sun. It is marked on the 21 June each year.

There is also a winter solstice, which falls in December.

These days are often referred to as the 'longest' and 'shortest' days, given the amount of daylight we experience.

How long is the 'longest day'?

In the most northern point of the ITV Border region, Berwick, will get 17 hours and 34 minutes of daylight today. The sun will set tonight at 21:56.

In Stranraer, there will be a few extra minutes of daylight than elsewhere in the region, with night falling at 22:02.

Down in Keswick, residents will enjoy 17 hours and 15 minutes of daylight, with the sun setting at 21:52.

It's a very similar day in Carlisle, with nightfall at 21:53.

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