Reckless Wigton driver travelling over 100mph given driving ban and time behind bars

Carl Johnstone reached speeds of over 108mph last November whilst driving along narrow roads on an icy evening. Credit: Cumbria Police

A driver who put others at risk by driving over 100mph in icy conditions has been jailed.

Carl Johnstone, of West Road in Wigton, reached speeds of 108mph while driving on the wrong side along narrow roads during the evening 27 November 2021.

The 27-year-old was sentenced to 16 months behind bars and given a driving ban of two years and eight months on 8 June.

A spokesperson for Cumbria Police said: "Johnstone put others at risk with his dangerous driving.

“Luckily no one was seriously injured during the incident in what was treacherous conditions with parts of the roads visibly icy."