Eddleston Primary School in the Scottish Borders set to close as it has just four pupils left

A child writing in the class room.
The number of pupils at Eddleston School has fallen to just four which is smaller than a single class. Credit: ITV News

A school in the Scottish Borders is set to close, after the number of pupils attending it fell to just four.

Eddleston Primary School in Peebles will be mothballed in August following a decision by the Scottish Borders Council.

As only four pupils currently attend, the council said keeping it open is not "presently viable."

Despite around 30 children of primary school age living in the school's catchment, many attend other schools in the area leading to the low student numbers.

Those who remain are being transferred to Newlands Primary School in Romanno Bridge, which has the same headteacher as Eddleston.

The move to close the school follows a sharp drop in student numbers.

Between 1999 and 2017 the school roll call had between 63 and 51 pupils.

Yet by 2021/2022 just 24 students were on the school's books which in Scottish Government regulations equates to a single class.

That small number resulted in placement requests being made by parents, and pupil numbers continued to fall throughout the school year.

It is hoped the school, which opened in 1992, will be reopened in the future.

Lesley Munro, director of education and lifelong learning for the Scottish Borders Council said: "There is clear and strong community support to reopen this school as quickly as possible.

"However, it remains the most reasonable option at the current time that the school be mothballed."

Leagh Douglas from Selkirkshire Council said: "This should not been seen as the beginning of the end for Eddleston Primary School.

"The parents and staff should be commended for their efforts to ensure that the pupils have enjoyed this year and have had so many opportunities for learning both in and out of the school."

In the past students from Eddleston have been transferred Halyrude, Kingsland, Newlands, Priorsford and West Linton primary schools.

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