Cumbria Council discusses new flood risk strategy

Flooding in Kendal. Credit: PA

A new flood risk strategy is in the works at the county council which will be in force until the Cumberland Council takes over.

Cumbria County Council's Scrutiny Advisory Board for Communities and Place will discuss a new draft Local Flood Risk Management Strategy on Friday 1 July.

The new flood risk strategy, when fully approved, will come into force in 2022 until 2027.

It is a response to the Environment Agency's new 25-year plan as well as the National Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management Strategy for England.

Ambitions in the Environment Agency's 25 year plan include:

  • Clean air

  • Clean and plentiful water

  • Thriving plants and wildlife

  • A reduced risk of harm from environmental hazards - such as flooding and drought.

Flooded roads in Appleby.

The aims of Cumbria's latest strategy are to "co-ordinate the resources available from people and organisations who have interests in flooding to maximise a reduction in local flood risk."

Cumbria County Council also aims to "promote a wider understanding and awareness of flooding in Cumbria."

The strategy also aims to "explain how everyone can play a part in reducing flood risk and 'who does what'."