Seasons at the allotment: June 2022

It may not have felt like it but parts of the Border region saw some of the finer weather June had to offer.

The month's heat came down to a bit of an east/west split, with eastern coasts of England and Scotland seeing higher than usual temperatures.

England and Scotland both saw average maximum temperatures 1°C more than their long-term averages.

JUne 2022 temperatures Credit: Met Office

With June being warmer than normal, 2022 continues a run of months since September 2021 being warmer than average

For the UK as a whole sunshine amounts were above average, with an average of 195.8 sunshine hours in the UK, which is 14% more than the long-term average for June.

The Border region was a bit closer to the average.

As with temperature and rainfall, the sunniest conditions were in the east.

June 2022 Sunshine Credit: Met Office

Despite some heavy showers and rainfall later in the month the east again saw a drier than usual month.

Again, western parts of our region were closer to the expected amount of rainfall.

It is the latest in a series of dry months this year - only February seeing above average rainfall.

June 2022 Rainfall Credit: Met Office