Cumbria MPs urging Boris Johnson to quit as region appears split over loyalty

ITV News/PA Images (Trudy Harrison) Credit: Mark Jenkinson, Trudy Harrison, Dr Neil Hudson and John Stevenson

Cumbria MPs have been responding to the current crisis engulfing Westminster, as Boris Johnson deals with a wave of resignations.

At least 36 MPs have resigned from their positions since the string of letters began in earnest on Tuesday evening.

The resignations began with now former chancellor Rishi Sunak and health secretary Sajid Javid.

The pair quit within minutes of each other, citing concerns over standards and integrity.

MPs across the ITV News Border regions now appear split on their loyalty to the troubled Prime Minister.

Dr Neil Hudson, MP for Penrith and the Border, had recently said he believed there should be a transition from the Mr Johnson to a new leader once the situation in Ukraine settles down.

Then, when a timetable for a new leader was not outlined, Dr Hudson voted against the PM in the vote of no-confidence last month.

In a fresh statement amid the latest wave of resignations, Dr Hudson said: "I fully support the response of my colleagues who have resigned their ministerial positions... making what I know cannot be easy decisions to make.

"I hope that following these further developments, the Prime Minister will take the right and moral step and resign.

He added: "If this is not forthcoming, then I believe it would be an appropriate step for the Parliamentary Party to facilitate another vote of confidence.

"Once again, I want to make clear that this is not about Brexit, Remain or Leave, or part of a campaign by the media or the Opposition.

"This is about honesty and integrity in politics. Please know that I want to be clear that I will never defend the indefensible, and it is time for change at the top now."

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MP for Copeland Trudy Harrison also serves at the Parliamentary Under-Secretary for the Department for Transport.

She had not yet spoken about the turmoil, as of early Wednesday evening.

In June, however, she supported Boris Johnson in the vote of no-confidence.

Like Ms Harrison, MP for Workington Mark Jenkinson also supported the PM in the no-confidence vote.

The MP was among Tories who helped Boris Johnson break the Red Wall during the 2019 general election.

Mr Jenkinson had also not yet spoken by early Wednesday evening.

MP for Carlisle John Stevenson was also yet to comment on the latest developments in Westminster by early Wednesday evening, but voted against the Prime Minister last month.

Liberal Democrat Tim Farron is the only non-Tory MP in Cumbria.

The MP for Westmorland and Lonsdale has been critical of the PM in recent months.

Mr Farron lambasted Mr Johnson again as the series of resignations poured in.

He said: "This poisonous dishonesty has been going on for months now.

"I’m not feeling *all* that generous towards people who have finally turned on the PM after they’ve tolerated this for so long, providing him with cover, disastrously undermining decency in high office."