Plans to improve rural connectivity a step closer in Cumbria as proposals submitted for Gisland mast

The 20-metre mast would be located on land at Birky Shank and, if approved, would give the rural area 4G coverage. Credit: PA Images

Plans to increase connectivity in rural areas of Cumbria have got a step closer.

Proposals for a telecoms mast have been lodged with Carlisle City Council, which would improve connectivity in Gisland.

The 20-metre tall mast would be located on land at Birky Shank, Butterburn and, if approved, the mast would give the rural area 4G coverage.

It's part of the Shared Rural Network project which involves four of the UK's main mobile networks working with the government to tackle rural isolation and address poor mobile coverage.

The scheme will aim to provide 4G coverage to 95% of the UK, which would improve the connectivity for rural communities and businesses.

The plans indicate that the structure would have six antennas, four transmission dishes, two equipment cabinets and one meter cabinet.

There would also be a generator and fuel tank associated with the mast.

Cornerstone claims that improving connectivity would help those working remotely and enhance entertainment, but that it would also will mean better social connectivity, disability inclusion and consumer choice.

It said: "As local authorities and businesses move more services online, the need to have a reliable connection is hugely important.

"The increased levels of connectivity provided by the Shared Rural Network will result in better access to the likes of online banking, public services, and utility providers."

Explaining how a new telecom structure would help disability inclusion, Cornerstone said: "The ability to access websites, apps and web enabled services can assist in communication, online participation, and provide access to useful information and guidance to help improve the lives of those with disabilities."

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