Cockermouth Show makes a strong return after two year absence

Credit: ITV News

The Cockermouth Show has returned today for the first time since the pandemic began.

The event attracted thousands of people in spite of the rain. Hundreds of sheep, cattle and horses competed for rosettes.

Sheep and cattle were amongst those being judged. Credit: ITV News

This was the show's 170th outing - due to take place in 2020 but was cancelled due to Covid. Organisers say they're delighted with the support the event has attracted on its return.

Norma Boyes, the show's secretary said, "For the first time being back, it's as busy as we expected. The number of trade stands are slightly down, but a lot of other shows have been down by about 50%, but we're only down about 15%. So the community have supported us very much and we appreciate that."

When asked what was most important for organisers this year Norma said, "I think it's getting it reestablished. We made the decision that we wouldn't increase prices from the 2019 price because we thought it was important that the show get firmed up for next year. We can we can grow from there but when you've got a two year three year gap, it's a long time for people to remember you.

"But we've been going since 1849 so hopefully we'll keep going. I'd just like to thank everyone that supports us."

People attended in their thousands despite the rain. Credit: ITV News

John Wharton, Livestock Manager & Auctioneer at Mitchells Auction Company who have a trade stand at the show said, "From an industry point of view, obviously it's dependent on the agriculture industry. I think it's absolutely fantastic. Right now there are loads of people here, it's outstanding. Really supported at the present moment. The highlight for us is obviously seeing the top quality of livestock animals that's on display, in the sheep and the cattle section."