Millom councillors warn of sea's danger as holidaymakers get stuck in changing Duddon Estuary tides

Temperatures are expected to reach almost 30 degrees in Cumbria this week and while the sea around the Duddon Estuary can look inviting it can also be dangerous. Credit: Millom Coastguard Rescue Team

Holidaymakers are being warned about the danger of the sea after a Cumbrian coastguard had to deal with a number of callouts.

One of those saw two people became stuck in 'neck-deep water' after being cut off by the tide in the Duddon Estuary in Millom on 7 August.

The pair, who were believed to be on holiday, were saved by a local fisherman, but the Millom Coastguard Rescue Team said the outcome could have been very different.

With temperatures rising this week and with holiday season in full swing, two councillors are urging people to be cautious about the estuary's dangers.

County councillor, Doug Wilson, said: "We know around here, because of the type of shoreline it is that it's very inviting when the tide's out, and there's a vast amount of sand that people can play on.

"What people don't tend to understand, particularly holidaymakers, is the tides and the speed with which the tide comes in once it decides it's time to come in."

He continued: "That's the difficulty we have, particularly when the weather gets as fine as it is at the moment, which makes people want to get out and about and explore.

"We do have signs on the beach but as with all these things you can never have enough."

Mr Wilson's wife Fee, who is a borough councillor in the area added: "The sea is unforgiving - it is beautiful, but it can be unforgiving in a very short space of time."

Temperatures could reach almost 30 degrees in Cumbria with the Met Office issuing a heatwave warning.

It follows the record breaking temperatures seen in July where temperatures in the region reached 34.5 degrees.

Now the councillors are calling on the public, especially those not local to the area, to make themselves aware of the tide times.

These timetables can be found online or bought in the local post office.

In a further bid to increase safety along the county's coastline, Mr Wilson suggested having volunteer 'shore patrols,' and additional warnings in holiday lets and caravan parks.

The Furness Coastguard and Haverigg Inshore Rescue Team were also called to the incident in the Duddon Estuary.

It said people in the area should spread the word about the dangers of the tides "before it is too late."

As spokesperson said: "This is the third incident of this type in as many weeks, and the second in four days - two being very close calls.

"Could we please ask people in the holiday industry to make customers aware of the dangers, tides and also the warning signs strategically placed around the area."

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