Animals at Lake District Wildlife Park enjoy iced treats to cool down in heatwave

  • Watch Ciaran Fitzpatrick's video report.

Animals in a Cumbrian wildlife park have been enjoying a variety of treats in an attempt to keep cool as the temperature rises.

Staff at the Lake District Wildlife Park have been keeping their animals cool and hydrated with food including iced watermelon, iced oranges, and iced vegetables.

It comes as temperatures in our region are expected to reach up to 30 degrees over the next few days.

Meerkats, a breed used to living in hot climates, sat in the shade in a bid to stay cool.

The wildlife park is enjoying a boost to tourism as visitors relish getting out in the sunshine.

Park manager Richard Robinson said: "This is our busy period now during the is weeks of summer holidays in fact it's extended here as we have the Scottish half terms."

The current heatwave is expected to continue until the weekend.