Incidents of fly-tipping in Allerdale more than doubled in last three years

The council believe that the increase in use of an app which can be used to report fly tipping has caused the steep increase in incidents. Credit: PA

A Cumbria council has taken a zero tolerance approach to fly-tipping after incidents have more than doubled in the last three years

Allerdale Borough Council recorded 693 incidents of fly-tipping in 2019, compared a 1417 in 2021.

The council say one of the reasons for the rise is because of increased use of the MyAllerdale app which can be used to report incidents of fly-tipping.

Prior to 2019, the uptake of the app was limited in comparison to its usage today.

Allerdale Borough Council say on average they cleared these reports of fly-tipping within 1.44 days, with more than 76% of the clear-ups completed within 24 hours and more than 95% cleared up within 5 days.

Anyone caught fly-tipping in Allerdale may reportedly be fined up to £50,000 or sent to prison.

They may also be prosecuted if fly-tipped items can be traced back to them, even if they weren’t the person that dumped the items. 

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