Cumbria to get specialist domestic and sexual violence advisor dedicated to men

It is hoped the addition of a dedicated support worker for men will help break down traditional stereotypes of masculinity, which often prevent men from seeking help. Credit: Unsplash

Men in Cumbria will soon be able to access support from a dedicated domestic and sexual violence advisor.

The service for those who have suffered abuse at home is being funded by the Ministry of Justice.

The Independent Domestic and Sexual Violence Advisor (IDSVA) for men will join an existing team of 28 specialists who support those who have experience domestic abuse in the county.

Cumbria's Police and Crime Commissioner Peter McCall has welcomed the funding and hopes males will feel more able to seek out and accept appropriate support. This is something he believes can be difficult due to traditional stereotypes surrounding masculinity.

Mr McCall said: "It is generally the case, that when we talk about sexual or domestic violence, we tend to assume the victims are women and girls. Whilst they remain the larger group, it is important that we also acknowledge and support men and boys who are vulnerable to being victims of these crimes.

"Anyone can be a victim of sexual violence and/or domestic abuse, which is why it is vital to offer specialist support for men, women and children across the county."

Ten per cent of the 773 sexual violence referrals between 2021 and 2022 were male.

Talking about the new male IDSVA, Detective Chief Inspector, James Yallop said: "This role will benefit victims with timely specialist support through a single, dedicated, accessible person.

"I hope that for many, getting earlier specialist support will provide victims with the knowledge and resources to feel empowered to contact the police when the time is right for them."

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