Pride of Britain Award nominee Geoff Brown helps local families realise their dreams

Ahead of this year’s Pride of Britain Awards, ITV Border News has been meeting the fantastic fundraisers who you have nominated for a chance of representing our region at this year's event

Carlisle businessman Geoff Brown set up his own charitable trust to support anyone who needs help - from helping with the costs of a family holiday to organising a wedding.

Lee Davidson from Carlisle died from Covid during the pandemic, and Geoff read about the family’s struggle to cope with his loss in a local newspaper.

Geoff’s instinct was to offer some help to Lee’s wife Theresa and children by organising a family holiday for them - to provide an escape from their grief, as well as an opportunity to have some family time away from home.

Theresa Davidson, Lee’s widow says it meant the world to her and the family.

“Geoff reached out to us when we needed it most and helped us to get away together as a family to make some new memories and have fun together without feeling guilty.”

Theresa’s teenage son, Harry, adds:

“It was a special holiday and Geoff’s a very special man.”

Another young man to benefit from Geoff’s kind-heartedness is 10 year old Logan Merritt from Carlisle.

Born with a leg deformity, Logan had struggled to find shoes and trainers that were comfortable to play in and practical to wear.

“Because of my leg deformity I always found it hard to find trainers that fit me well that I liked and could play outside in. Geoff is a lovely kind man and helped me get the trainers I needed and a signed football from Newcastle United,” says Logan.

As a life-long Elvis fan, one of the ways Geoff raises money for his charitable trust is through tribute nights.

Through this, Geoff recently made a Carlisle couple's dream of getting married come true. Callie Morris has terminal cancer and couldn't afford the wedding she and her wife Alexandra wanted. Geoff stepped in to help.

“He made our dream come true,” explains Callie.

“He was able to reach out to people that could donate their spare time and other things to help give us the wedding we always wanted.”

Such generosity comes naturally to Geoff.

“I didn’t have the best childhood, but I did learn that positivity creates positivity and that if I can help others, I will. I enjoy giving something back, and think if more people did the same, it might be a much happier world to live in,” said Geoff.

“I like helping people, and I am very humbled to be nominated - especially as there are lots and lots of other people more deserving than me.”

A typically modest tone from a man who’s kindness is anything but.

Nominations for this year’s awards are now closed.  For more information and to learn more about previous winners, visit  The awards ceremony takes place later this year.