West Cumbria mine: How did we get here?

As the UK Government approves the UK's first deep coal mine for more than 30 years, we take a look back at the key moments that led to this decision.

2014 - West Cumbria Mining announces plans for a new deep coal mine in Whitehaven.

March 2019 - Cumbria County Council approves the mine plans for the first time.

October 2019 - Cumbria County Council ratifies its original decision to approve the mine.

November 2019 - UK government rejects requests for ministers to 'call in' the mine to consider themselves.

May 2020 - Environmental campaigners withdraw their bid for a judicial review, after mine plans are amended.

October 2020 - Cumbria County Council approves the mine for the third time

January 2021 - UK government again refuses to 'call in' the mine, despite growing controversy..

February 2021 - Cumbria County Council announces it will reconsider the mine application, in light of "new information" on the UK's carbon emission targets.

March 2021 - UK government Communities Secretary Robert Jenrick decides to 'call in' the mine, saying it raises "issues of more than local importance".

September - October 2021 - A public inquiry on the mine is held, hearing from both sides of the argument over the course of a month.

April 2022 - The planning inspector's report on the mine is handed to Mr Jenrick's successor as Communities Secretary, Michael Gove, with a deadline of 7 July set for a decision.

6 July - The government's decision is delayed amid turmoil over Boris Johnson's position as Prime Minister.

7 July - Greg Clark is appointed as new Communities Secretary.

8 July - Interested parties are told by the government that its decision would be announced by 17 August.

10 August - The government's decision is delayed again, and a new deadline is set for 8 November.

6 September - Liz Truss becomes Prime Minister and Simon Clarke is appointed as Communities Secretary.

25 October - Rishi Sunak becomes Prime Minister. Michael Gove is brought back as Communities Secretary - making him responsible for the decision once again.

2 November - The government's decision is delayed again, ahead of the COP27 climate summit in Egypt.

7 December - The government gives the go ahead for the mine.