Man and grandson bring joy as 4 million share image of pair at Workington Reds game in downpours

The photo has been seen more than four million times throughout the world Credit: 40/20 pix

A grandfather and grandchild have shared their story after a picture of them was shared more than four million times.

Pitch-side photographer Gary was cleaning his lens due to the torrential rain battering Borough Park on Saturday when he captured the picture.

Billy Baker and his grandson Dylan were standing in their usual spot at Workington Reds when the rain started belting down.

But rather than follow the crowd into the covered area of the ground the pair stayed in their favourite spot.

"We were just watching the match and grandad had an umbrella," said Dylan.

Then the rain got heavier. Billy said: "Everyone ran for cover. But Dylan didn’t want to go.

"He wanted to stay behind the goal. So we popped the umbrella up and stayed put."

The image has now been shared across the globe and led to Dylan receiving comments from friends at school.

He said: "One of them said that I am famous but the rest said that it was a good photo."

Billy added: "There has been a lot of feedback on Facebook.

"It just reminds people of when they were young and at the game with their grandads."

Dylan plays for the club's under-nine side with the club being very much focused on the heart of the community.

Photographer Gary captured the special moment and has even had to turn his mobile phone off due to the volume of responses it has evoked feelings in many.

Speaking on the image he captured, Gary said: "It illicit’s an emotional response.

"A grandfather and his grandchild watching grassroots sport.

"I think people kick back against the posh Premier League sport. That coming together with biblical weather it has had a great response from right around the world."

Workington Chairman Phil Norman is delighted at the increased coverage the club has seen since the photo has been so widely shared, he said: "It is absolutely fantastic.

"We got a bit of coverage at the World Cup when some photographs got out there which was great but this is another step again.

"It is great publicity for a club at our level."

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