Annan food bank branded as 'life-saving' by helping local community throughout cost of living crisis

  • Matthew Taylor visits Kate's Kitchen in Annan

A food bank in Annan has been branded as "life-saving" by one member of the local community.

Kate’s Kitchen in Annan operates as a food bank and provides other facilities including a cafe for those who need to have a hot meal.

Supporting the local community it has offered an invaluable service throughout the ongoing cost of living crisis.

Stephen Youngson is someone who has used the service and now subsequently is a volunteer at Kate's Kitchen.

Having worked all of his life he did not feel great when having to use the food bank for the first time, he said: "I was a bit embarrassed having to ask for a food parcel because I have worked for all of my life.

"When you have to ask for someone else’s help at first there is an embarrassment factor.

"It is quite hard to talk about but then you realise that lots of people are in the same situation."

Stephen Youngson believes the service provided at Kate's Kitchen has been life-changing for him.

He said: "If it wasn’t for this place, to be honest, I would not be here.

"It was a lifesaver. I don’t want to go into too much detail but let's just say if it wasn’t for here then I would not be.”

Hazel Thompson from Kate's Kitchen believes the community are benefitting from the work that is done in Annan.

She said: "People are branding this as a lifesaver. This is a community food hub where people can come, they can have a warm space and they can have a chat.

"A lot of people are socially isolated. It is keeping their head above the water so if they didn’t have this then they would really struggle."

Annabel Hoggan is one resident who uses the service and benefits from a community shop that runs at the food bank.

She said: "You can come once a week and for £5 you get 15 items and it is really good.

"I live out in a rural area and I bring a few people in with me now to do the same.

"They are in similar circumstances and it just means that you can get a few extra bits. I get a few basics.

"What I really like about it is sometimes there is a wee treat, something you maybe wouldn’t buy off the shelf because it is a bit expensive.

"It just means my money goes a wee bit further than it would have done. It is really important in this day with the cost of electricity and all the rest of it.”

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