Pooley Bridge residents release video to remind visitors that village is still open for business

  • Watch as Fiona Marley Paterson visits Pooley Bridge to speak to residents and business owners

Residents in a village that has been disrupted by overrunning roadworks are urging visitors that they are "still open for business".

Local business owners in Pooley Bridge have released a video showcasing that tourists can still come to the village.

Works to resurface the A592 have overrun in recent weeks with works to repair the road taking "longer than anticipated", according to Cumbria County Council.

The roadworks will continue to see the A592 closed between 8:30am and 4:30pm Monday to Friday.

This means that visitors can not access the village through the normal route during the busiest trading hours of the day.

Frustrated local residents took to release their own video detailing how people can still visit Pooley Bridge.

Cumbria County Council stated that the works are now scheduled to be completed by Friday 17 February.

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