Dumfries and Galloway man still suffering from Long Covid a year after first diagnosis

  • John McClelland describes the impacts long Covid is having on his life

A man who's been suffering from Long Covid for over a year is calling for more to be done to help people with the illness.

John McClelland, from Dumfries and Galloway, was first diagnosed with the condition more than a year ago.

Now, the symptoms are still having a major impact on his life.

He said: "It absolutely floored me. I was in hospital for 11 days, in bed for four and it's just really left me totally knackered.

"I have a chronic lung condition and I kind of thought it was it that was flaring back up, so I had all the tests done again to make sure that it wasn't it and then that's when they discovered it was long Covid."

He says the fatigue is the worst part as he can never feels "refreshed" even after a good sleep.

"I'll also have days where I can't do anything," he continued.

John also experiences light sensitivity, heart palpitations and has been left with a numbness on the whole left side of his bad, as well as having no sense of taste or smell - which is spoiling his love for cooking.

Following his own experience, John doesn't think enough is being done to help people like him.

He said: "There's just no stricture out there. In England I believe there's clinics, but in Scotland there's not. So we could really do with something in Scotland.

"Some of these people are completely lost because their life has been turned upside down. They could be stuck in bed all day doing next to nothing either through breathing, heart problems.

"They pulled out all the stops to get a vaccine, but I think a follow up needs to be done as well."

In response, Dumfries and Galloway council said in a statement: "Long Covid is a recognised consequence for many people.

"Work has taken place within D&G to provide local support. A lead GP and a lead allied health professional are in post helping people with lasting physical effects.

"Work has been taking place to address the mental health aspects led by a psychologist."

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