Stranraer stunt rider reflects on living Red Bull BMX dream in return to hometown

  • Watch as Kriss Kyle performs stunts on his BMX

Red Bull stunt rider Kriss Kyle has spoken about living his BMX dream as he returns to his hometown Stranraer.

The BMX rider was back in the South of Scotland reflecting on his career so far where he has performed various stunts for Red Bull.

Most recently he was filmed doing tricks underneath the world's largest operating hot air balloon above Wiltshire.

Kriss believes that he needs to be careful when suggesting new ideas for stunts because he has been getting approval for a lot of dangerous activities.

Kriss Kyle performed various stunts including 2,000ft up in a hot air balloon. Credit: ITV

He said: "With a lot of these ideas I need to be careful with what I am saying because before you know it I have got the green light.

"I am a strong believer that if I say I am going to do something I am 100% going to do it or I will try it. You visualise it over in your head and people know they can do things but they never get the opportunity to go and do them.

"For me when you are getting ready to go and it is 3..2..1.. action Chris you just hold on and there is a sheer buzz. I can’t explain the feeling I get. It is why I do it and it is the same feeling as to what I got as a kid."

Kriss Kyle performed one of his stunts more than 2,000ft in the air. Credit: ITV Border

Kriss' love for BMX started a child when he used to watch professional riders from America.

He said: "My brother and I used to watch BMX videos with professionals from America. I thought it was never going to happen with a kid from Stranraer, it just doesn’t happen to people like us.

"It was always a dream of mines and I never gave up on it and I just lived and breathed it. I was so passionate, the only thing I cared about doing was riding a bike."

Kriss wants to be an inspiration for young people who were in situations like his growing up. He believes that anyone can be successful if they show enough dedication to what they are passionate about.

Kriss Kyle has been riding his BMX since he was 10-years-old. Credit: ITV Border

He said: "No matter what it is as long as you are passionate about it just get out and enjoy it and live and breathe it and you never know where it could go."

Kriss left home as a teenager to pursue his career in BMX. His parents were fully supportive of his decision and knew that he had a serious talent doing what he does.

Kriss' mum Veronica said: "He always said that as long as he can ride his bike and have fun he didn’t care about money.

Kriss Kyle was back visiting his family. Credit: ITV Border

"He didn’t care about earning anything he just wanted to have fun and enjoy his bike. He was good and we knew that he was good. From a small town you never think that these things will happen but it did for him and we are dead proud."

Kriss' dad Alex believes his son's achievements coming from Stranraer showcases the hard work he put in to what he is so passionate about. Kriss has been riding bikes since he was 10-years-old and won his first competition in Edinburgh in 2008.

He said: "People would never think a wee town like Stranraer you could get someone like Kris. But if you have the desire and the will to do anything in your life and you believe in yourself there is no reason why.

"We are all made of the same stuff, what it comes down to is your inner desire."

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