Bishop of Carlisle proud to represent people of Cumbria at King's coronation

  • Watch as Fiona Marley Paterson speaks to the Bishop of Carlisle about attending the coronation.

The Bishop of Carlisle has spoken of his delight at representing the people of Cumbria at the King's coronation.

The historic occasion will be attended by thousands and watched globally by millions.

Rt Rev James Newcome is set to take a front row seat at the coronation as he is Clerk of the Closet, a senior church position which has dated back to 1437.

He is though most proud to be representing the people of Cumbria. He said: "I do have a feeling that I am going to be representing the people of Cumbria.

"It goes back several centuries ago when one of my predecessors, who was bishop of Carlisle, actually crowned Queen Elizabeth I. I think nobody else was around to do it at the time.

"I will feel like I am standing in the footsteps of my predecessors and this is quite an exciting thing."

The King's coronation is set to take place on Saturday. Credit: PA

The Bishop of Carlisle joked about his little responsibilities on Saturday, stating that he just has to make sure he can remain standing.

He said: "I don’t actually have to do anything. All I do to do is be there and try not to fall over.

"In the past the clark of the closet has traditionally brought in the bible. That job has been given to the moderator of the Church of Scotland.

"The bible is presented to the King indicating that all of the jewels and everything else that surrounds him, this is the most important."

The Bishop had a conversation recently with the King, stating the pair discussed how the day would go for his majesty. He said: "We had an interesting conversation about that. I think from his point of view it is going to be an historic experience.

"The King is traditionally the supreme governor of the Church of England. The church has played a part in coronations for the best part of 1,000 years.

"It is set in the context of a communion service but there is no doubt given our new monarch and his appreciation of all faiths that he will recognise and reflect a multi faith and multi ethnic society. This will reflect even since when the late Queen was crowned in 1953."

The Bishop believes he is delighted to see the many celebrations planned for Cumbria. He said: "I am excited as to how so many of our communities around Cumbria will be celebrating with parties and gatherings.

"Also such a big emphasis has been put on volunteering so the service of the nation is being reflected locally."

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