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Roxanne Pallett apologises for Big Brother blow-out

Roxanne Pallett apologises to Ryan Thomson Credit: PA Images

Cumbrian actress Roxanne Pallett has apologised to fellow contestant Ryan Thomsas for 'overreacting' to an incident that happened in the Big Brother House.

Pallett spoke on Jeremy Vine’s panel show on Channel 5 after leaving the House.

"I massively apologise to Ryan, his friends and fans and every single person who watched that," she said.

Ofcom received more than 11,000 complaints since the incident occurred.

Footage was released of the moment which showed Ryan Thomas 'playfully' punching Roxanne in the house which she later portrayed as a malicious and violent act.

Viewers accused the actress of exaggerating what they interpreted as a play-fight and said that Thomas had been treated unfairly after receiving a formal warning about his behaviour from the show.

The Carlisle-born actress rose to fame when she played Jo Stiles on ITV's Emmerdale.


'Launch Day' production arrives in Cumbria

A theatre production about the industrial heritage of the UK is performing in Kendal tonight.

'Launch Day' was inspired by the paintings of north-east based artist, Alexander Millar, whose work depicts the life of working class men in industrial Britain.

The show is on a national tour and has recruited ten local people to join the production, in each location.

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