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Nicola Sturgeon repeats her promise to reveal plans for a second independence referendum within weeks. Challenged by the Scottish Greens to confirm the timing on announcement on another vote, the First Minister tells MSPs the option of independence must be open to the people of Scotland. Plus Alex Massie and Joyce McMillan reflect on Brexit and a turbulent week in Westminster.

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Peter MacMahon presents the programme from Westminster after Theresa May sees off a no confidence vote. The First Minister is also in London to demand a halt to the Brexit process. Nicola Sturgeon tells Representing Border she'll have more to say on a second independence referendum within weeks. And we'll consider the Brexit road ahead with The Daily Record's Torcuil Crichton and Kate Devlin from The Times.


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Peter Macmahon is in Westminster getting reaction from South of Scotland MPs on the historic Brexit vote. Also tonight MSPs agree to set up a parliamentary inquiry into the fallout from the sexual misconduct allegations against Alex Salmond. And what local people want from the new South of Scotland Enterprise Agency. We report from Dumfries.

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Neither conspiracy nor collusion'. The First Minister is forced to repeatedly deny she intervened in her Government's investigation into sexual harassment allegations against Alex Salmond. We discuss the fallout from the botched inquiry with the Spectator's Alex Massie and Kathleen Nutt from The National. And after Jeremy Corbyn calls for an early election we discuss Labour's EU policy with the Scottish party's Brexit spokesperson Neil Findlay.



The Scottish Secretary tells Representing Border MPs could be asked to vote again on the Prime Minister's Brexit deal even if it's defeated next week. Also on the programme, another warning that the Finance Secretary's budget plans will mean front-line council services are hit hard. And new proposals to tighten the law on fox hunting. The Scottish Government wants to limit hunts to two dogs.

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Alex Salmond wins a court challenge over the Scottish Government's handling of its inquiry into sexual harassment claims. The former First Minister calls for Scotland's top civil servant to quit. Peter MacMahon speaks to the journalist who broke the original story of the allegations against Mr Salmond, and we consider the political impact of today's court ruling. Also tonight the interim leader of the Scottish Tories admits that Theresa May will struggle to get MPs to back her Brexit deal.

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On the eve of the anniversary of the Lockerbie bombing the First Minister praises the people of the town for building a legacy of hope from the tragedy. Peter MacMahon speaks to the local MSP Oliver Mundell. Also on the programme Nicola Sturgeon concedes passengers are owed an apology for hundreds of ScotRail cancellations. And Joyce McMillan and Alex Massie give their thoughts on our rail service, and their Brexit predictions for the new year.

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At Brexit talks in Downing Street the First Minister tells the Prime Minister she must extend article 50 to stop the UK crashing out of the EU. There's uproar in the Commons over Jeremy Corbyn's alleged sexist comment about Theresa May. And the Viking age hoard unearthed in a Galloway field. Some of the precious finds are to tour Scotland. We'll ask the Culture Secretary why the the collection won't be permanently housed in Kirkcudbright.

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