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The latest episode of ITV Border's Scottish political programme, Representing Border, looks at the issues from Holyrood and Westminster that matter to the South of Scotland.

Carlisle MP calls for alternative Brexit option

With Parliament just a few days away from voting on Teresa May's Brexit deal, Carlisle's MP John Stevenson says he hasn't decided how to vote.

The Conservative MP voted to remain and has had a record of being a rebel and while he says he hasn't made up his mind on how he'll vote, he says he doesn't like any of the three options: reversing Brexit, a second referendum or Teresa May's plan.

"I do not think it's in the interests of Carlisle or our country for a no deal, I also do not think it would be right to have a 2nd referendum because we had one in 2016. What I've got to decide is, is Theresa May's proposals the right ones or is there a 4th alternative? And I've long been a supporter of the Norwegian option."

– John Stevenson MP, Carlisle (Conservative)


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On this edition of the programme - Brexit uncertainty in the Borders. We report from Eyemouth on a warning that leaving the EU with no deal could mean one of Berwickshire's biggest employers shipping key operations abroad. Brexit uncertainty in the Commons as the local MP John Lamont says he still hasn't decided if he'll back the Prime Minister's deal. And in Holyrood the Tory interim leader demands no new taxes in next week's budget, but the First Minister claims Conservative policies are no longer credible. Plus commentary on the political week from Joyce McMillan and Alex Massie.

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Four of Holyrood's five parties unite to say no to a no deal Brexit, and no to the Prime Minister's withdrawal plan. Peter MacMahon speaks to the Brexit Secretary Michael Russell and to the Scottish Conservative's Adam Tomkins. And at Westminster the SNP accuse Theresa May of misleading MPs over the Brexit legal advice she was forced to publish today.


Theresa May makes her case to MPs to back the Brexit deal after defeats on key Commons votes. With their local MP still undecided if he'll support the Prime Minister we'll hear from Hawick. How do John Lamont's constituents want him to vote? And Peter MacMahon talks to the Green MSP who led a legal case that could mean Britain might still be able to cancel Brexit.


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The Prime Minister's de facto deputy comes to Scotland to argue for Theresa May's Brexit deal. Peter MacMahon asks David Lidington why Scots should support a plan that could make them poorer. At First Minister's Questions Nicola Sturgeon denies using Brexit to boost independence, as she accuses the Scottish Tories of avoiding hard questions on leaving the EU. And 'Bobs' and 'Sobs' - our commentators have advice for those who're bored or sick of Brexit.

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Peter MacMahon presents tonight's programme from Westminster as the Prime Minister takes her Brexit hard sell north of the border. We speak to two Tory MPs from the South of Scotland - a Brexiteer and Remainer - who say they still haven't decided if they'll back Theresa May.

Also tonight, the Scottish Secretary faces down demands for him to carry through on his threats to resign over the Brexit deal. And the Times and The Scotsman's political correspondents join Peter to consider what chance the PM has of persuading parliament to back her plan.

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As the Prime Minister embarks on a UK tour to sell her Brexit plan Nicola Sturgeon claims it's a damaging deal that will make Scots poorer. Peter MacMahon questions the First Minister on Brexit and the timing of a second independence referendum. He also interviews the acting Scottish Tory leader Jackson Carlaw. And life after the closure of Pinneys. We report from Annan six months after the town was told it was losing its biggest employer.

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