Stabbing inquest resumes

The inquest into the murder and suicide of an elderly couple from Kendal resumes.

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Verdict of unlawful killing after man kills his wife and then himself

An inquest has heard that a man who killed his wife and then himself had been released from hospital because the discharge process was not rigorous enough and no one took responsibility.

92 year old Stanley Wilson stabbed his 89-year-old wife Peggy to death at their home in Kendal in February last year. The coroner recorded a verdict of unlawful killing on Mrs Wilson and concluded that her husband killed himself.

Peggy and Stanley Wilson, inquest findings

The coroner has told the court in Kendal that Mrs Wilson died as a result of an unlawful killing and Mr Wilson killed himself. Coroner Ian Smith said:

"This was not a suicide pact or a mercy killing. This was not a long standing plot either. Mr Wison was suffering from a severe mental illness."

– Ian Smith, Coroner

Peggy Wilson died due to multiple injuries, Stanley Wilson died from stab wounds to the neck. Mrs Wilson had signs of Asphyxia, blunt force injuries and defence wounds to the arm consistent with a sustained and violent attack.Mr Smith added:

"They were a happy, loving, devoted couple until very close to the end"

– Ian Smith, Coroner


Coroner retires to consider verdict

Inquest into the deaths of Peggy and Stanley Wilson Credit: The Wilson Family

The coroner has retired to consider his verdict in the inquest into the deaths of Peggy and Stanley Wilson. The couple were found dead in there home in Kendal last February.

Stanley stabbed his wife to death before fatally stabbing himself. The coroner has summoned the court to resume again at 2pm. A verdict is expected this afternoon.

Pensioner stabbing inquest resumes

The inquest resumes today into the murder and suicide of an elderly couple in Kendal last year. Ninety two year old Stanley Wilson stabbed his 89 year old wife Peggie to death at their home, before turning the knife on himself.

Last week the inquest heard Mr Wilson had believed his wife was trying to poison him. He'd been prescribed anti-psychotic drugs and had been released from hospital less than a week before the stabbing. Family members said his behaviour changed after he'd begun to lose his sight in the months before.

Mrs Wilson suffered multiple injuries in the attack, including knife wounds to the neck, and punches to the face and head.

The inquest continues.

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