Government's Energy Bill

The Government will publish it's draft Energy Bill. In it they admit that energy costs will rise for consumers.

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Energy Bill, what's expected

The Energy Bill means gas and electricity bills could be £200 more. The Energy Secretary Ed Davey quickly dismissed that figure but conceded prices would have to rise to help fund badly needed investment in the UK's generating capacity Mr Davey is today publishing the governments Draft Energy Bill.

Ministers want to lessen the UK's dependence on imported gas and other fossil fuels. In their place they want a better mix of renewables and new nuclear - including at Sellafield. The problem is cost both in terms of building new capacity and the price paid for electricity generated by nuclear.

Officially no public subsidies are available for new nuclear but today's Draft Bill is expected to outline details of a so called contract for difference which it is hoped will more or less equalise the cost of producing electricity by whichever method.


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