MMR jab appeal

Students are being urged to get their MMR jab.

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Cumbrian students told to get MMR jab

An MMR Vaccine Credit: PA

Cumbrian students are being warned by Cumbria NHS to have the MMR jab before starting their university courses in the autumn. It's an attempt to prevent mumps, measles and rubella spreading through campuses.

Cumbria NHS say some young people starting courses this autumn have probably not been immunised against the illnesses which can have serious complications, including meningitis, swelling of the brain (encephalitis) and deafness.

All prospective students in Cumbria are warned that they should arrive at university fully vaccinated against measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) when organisations confirm their places in August.

The best way for people to protect against catching mumps or measles is to make sure they've had two doses of the MMR vaccine.

Both doses are usually given to children before they start primary school and one dose alone will not offer full protection.

Anyone who is not sure if they have had both doses can contact their GP surgery and ask for a booster MMR injection.

Dr Nigel Calvert, Cumbria’s associate director of public health:

“These are highly infectious illnesses and students are peers because they are in such close contact with so many other young people. The only way to fully protect against catching measles, mumps and rubella is through the MMR jab.”

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