Carlisle women stranded in New York

Three women from Carlisle are stranded in New York because of the Superstorm 'Sandy.' The ladies were in the city for the trip of a lifetime but the storm has meant it is in lockdown.

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Carlisle teacher caught in New York lockdown

Sarah Ledger (left) is on the trip if a lifetime with friends Credit: Sarah Ledger

Three women from Carlisle who went to New York for the trip of a lifetime have found themselves in the middle of super storm Sandy storm.

Sarah Ledger, a teacher from William Howard school, Lyn Gathercole and Kate James arrived in the city on Sunday but soon found themselves in lockdown.

Outside Sarah's hotel, the street is empty Credit: Sarah Ledger

Sarah, who had been saving for the trip for two years, has told ITV Border that despite being disappointed not to be able to see some of the sights the friends are determined to make the most of the experience.

Empty streets in New York Credit: Sarah Ledger


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