Dumfries 'eyesore' house demolition day

The run down house of 80-year-old Dumfries resident Vida Paul is being demolished. Mrs Paul was evicted from 'Westies Hame' last month after it was dubbed an eyesore.

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VIDEO: 'Westies Hame' demolition

Demolition teams moved in to knock down the home of an eighty year old woman in Dumfries today.

Vida Paul's property on Brooms Road fell into disrepair after a fire in 2009.

Neighbours complained it had become a blot on the landscape.

Mrs Paul says she is heartbroken that the local council has now destroyed the place she called home for more than 30 years.

Ryan Dollard reports:

This report features Vida Paul and Dr Ken Donnan.

Council respond to demolition

Dumfries and Galloway have released a statement regarding the demolition of 'Westies Hame' in Dumfries:

Over a period of three years, our Council has made extensive efforts to engage with Mrs Paul to secure her cooperation to address problems associated with the condition of her property and its impact on her own health and welfare.

"Mrs Paul’s safety has always been a major consideration in determining Council actions.

"This became a significant issue after the fire at her premises in 2009."

– Dumfries and Galloway Council spokesperson

"Our Council has continued to pursue a course of action that would assist Mrs Paul to be able to bring her property to the tolerable standard.

"However, Mrs Paul has consistently failed to co-operate with the Council . As a consequence, our Council’s Housing Sub Committee agreed to apply to the Sheriff for an Ejection Order so that the Demolition Order could be implemented.

"The Sheriff granted the Ejection Order.

"The Council has a statutory duty to provide suitable accommodation for Mrs Paul.

"Upon eviction she was provided with a property which meets her needs and is safe and secure."

– Dumfries and Galloway Council Spokesperson


Demolition: Pictures

Demolition is underway Credit: ITV Border

The demolition of 'Westies Hame' in Dumfries has begun.

Vida Paul was evicted from her home last month after it was dubbed an eyesore.

The front of the house is ripped out Credit: ITV Border
People are gathering to watch the demolition Credit: ITV Border

D-Day for 'Westies Hame'

'Westies Hame' in Dumfries will be demolished Credit: ITV Border

The run down house of an 80-year-old Dumfries resident is being demolished, after it was dubbed an 'eyesore' by locals.

Vida Paul was evicted from 'Westies Hame' last month after Sheriff officers broke into the boarded up property with an ejection order.

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